Return and Refund Policy

Nutriˇ offers Preferred Customers a 90-day, money-back guarantee on its Skinnˇ, Energˇ and Fuel products. The purpose of the 90-day product money-back guarantee is to allow Preferred Customers like you the ability to try Nutriˇ products and return them if not completely satisfied. However, shipping and handling charges are not refundable.

You can try one can or one bottle of each product and return the rest of the unopened and resalable products in the order for a 100% refund of the product purchase. For example, you can open a case of Fuel and try one can and if you are not satisfied, return the other 23 unopened, resalable cans in the case for a full refund (less shipping and handling charges). Additionally, if you purchase multiple cases of different products - such as 1 case of Energˇ, 1 case of Skinnˇ, and 1 case of Fuel - you will be able to try one can of Fuel, one can of Skinnˇ, and one can of Energˇ and return the remainder of each case (23 cans each case) for a full refund.

If multiple bottles or cans from the order have been opened and/or consumed, you can return the remaining products for a partial refund. You cannot, however, drink or use multiple products of the same type of product and expect a full refund.

IMPORTANT: Returning any product for reasons other than replacement of damaged product for a refund may result in the suspension and/or termination of your Preferred Customer status.

To return product pursuant to this guarantee, you must first obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA) from Nutriˇ before returning the merchandise. RMAs can be obtained at , by emailing , or by calling Customer Support 1 602 354 9416

All products returned pursuant to this guarantee must be sent postage/freight pre-paid by you, ideally using a carrier that provides insurance and traceability. Nutriˇ is not responsible for missing products or products damaged in shipment.

Once NutriˇÕs warehouse confirms the returned productsÕ arrival and takes inventory of the returned merchandise, you will receive a refund, less shipping and handling, within four (4) business days. Refunds will be issued via the same payment method original payment was received.

To ensure accurate processing of returned orders, never return product before obtaining an RMA from Nutriˇ. To eliminate errors in processing, any product returned that is not accompanied by the Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA) will result in your Preferred Customer status and account being temporarily placed in a ŅholdÓ status pending resolution of the issue.

Anyone found manipulating this 90-day money-back guarantee will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including immediate suspension and/or termination of your Preferred Customer status and account, together with forfeiture of all benefits received under the Ņ3 For FreeÓ program.

Inner Circle Program: Refunds will be issued on Inner Circle purchases if the consumer meets the following requirements:

1)    Stays on the inner circle and automatic body program for six consecutive months

2)    Maintains an average of a 90% consistency score in the Automatic Body Program

3)    Takes a picture on the first day and every four weeks after that

4)    Does not reach their weight loss goal (maximum 24 pounds lost)



Nutriˇ is dedicated to shipping quality products. However, some goods may become damaged during the course of shipment and be rendered unusable. It is the responsibility of the Nutriˇ Preferred Customer to verify the condition of each item upon receipt of the order and refuse to accept any unusable goods. If a damaged shipment is left at the door or if a Preferred Customer discovers after the fact that any part of their shipment has arrived in unusable condition, the Brand Partner must immediately contact Customer Support (at, or via telephone at 1 602 354 9416).

To ensure accurate processing of damaged orders, a Preferred Customer should never return a shipment before communicating with NutriˇÕs Customer Support department.

If any product containers are damaged and rendered unusable in transit, the Preferred Customer must request an RMA with photographs documenting the condition of the unusable product(s). This assists our fulfillment center in improving our packaging. Nutriˇ will promptly replace those unusable containers.

Anyone found manipulating this damaged product policy will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including immediate suspension and/or termination of Preferred Customers status and account, together with forfeiture of all benefits received under the Ņ3 For FreeÓ program.


If an order is returned to our warehouse by the carrier due to an incorrect, insufficient, or undeliverable address, Nutriˇ will contact the Preferred Customer through our Support Ticket system to inform of the failed delivery. If the Preferred Customer would like the product re-shipped to a deliverable address, the Preferred Customer will be responsible for all additional shipping charges.

If Nutriˇ does not receive a response from the Preferred Customer within forty-eight (48) hours, the order will be cancelled and a refund, less shipping and handling, will be issued.


Once an order has been submitted online, the information is sent directly to our fulfillment center where it cannot be modified or cancelled before delivery. At this point the order is considered ŅshippedÓ and is subject to the Product Return Policy.


Partial order deliveries, or missing packages should be reported to Customer Support immediately by submitting a Support Ticket (at

If an order has not been received in its entirety within fifteen (15) days of the order date, it must be immediately reported to Customer Support. Nutriˇ will then attempt to trace the shipment and attempt to complete delivery.

PLEASE NOTE: Every package in an order is considered a separate shipment by the freight carrier, and consequently, all of the packages in a particular order may not arrive on the same day. Preferred Customers have a maximum of fifteen (15) days from the order date to report that items have not been received. After this period, the order will be considered as delivered in full.